Strategic Studies

GCC Journal of Oil & Gas


The GCC Journal of Oil & Gas is a refereed journal for researchers and readers interested in the oil & gas industry in the GCC. It aims to bring out world-class researches to enhance everyone's knowledge about the latest accounts of the region's oil & gas sector.

MENA Journal of Travel & Tourism

mena-travel-tourismThe MENA Journal of Travel & Tourism is an international indexed journal created with the goal of producing quality research articles in all aspects of travel and tourism in the Middle East and North Africa. This journal is for all readers who wish to know more about the latest happenings in the region's travel and tourism sector.

Journal of Cultural Studies

The Journal of Cultural Studies is an indexed journal that is created to publish research articles in all areas of the ways of life, traditions and histories of the different cultures in the world. The aim of this journal is to draw together high quality papers to improve the knowledge of scholars worldwide about varying cultures.

Journal of Cultural Linguistics


An international peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Cultural Linguistics' goal is to deliver research articles of the best standard for scholars to enhance their awareness of the language and culture of the different communities worldwide. This journal will cover all fields of Cultural Linguistics, and articles will be published quarterly.

Journal of Emerging Markets


An international peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Emerging Markets aims to bring together high quality strategic analyses and research articles about the performances of the emerging economies. Published quarterly, this journal is for all readers who intend to increase their knowledge in all aspects of today's developing countries.