Tremors in Dubai and the Population's Reception of the Seismic Activity's Risk


Dubai was slightly rocked by tremors in the later afternoon of April 16, 2013 causing residents to be evacuated from homes and offices. People hastily rushed out to nearby open spaces only to disperse some 20 to 30 minutes later when they thought it was safe to go back to work or leave for home. The tremors lasted around 8 seconds and no perceptible tremors were felt thereafter.

Dubai is no stranger to seismic activities, but as a land of high rise mega- structures, a slight tremor can cause panic whose magnitude can be compounded by social media. This paper describes the population’s reception to the incident and analyzes their perception of the seismic activity.

I. Introduction
II. Methodology
III. Facts about the UAE Tremors
IV. Popular Reactions to the Seismic Activity
V. Analysis: Reception to the Risks
VI. Conclusions

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