About ICSANA (International Center for Strategic Analysis)


ICSANA (International Center for Strategic Analysis) is a knowledge-driven think tank and expert service provider that specializes in providing intellectual solutions to help leaders and decision-makers understand and make informed choices and decisions about issues of domestic, international and market significance. The ultimate goal of think tanks is impact and moving forward to overcome uncertainties and difficulties and to make the right decisions from day to day. In this context, the location of ICSANA at the heart of the business world in the region puts it in a favorable position to strategically engage a plurality of administrative and corporate concerns in the Arab world.


ICSANA (International Center for Strategic Analysis) was founded by Ibrahim Khayat who is a public figure with extensive market knowledge. Mr. Khayat is a world expert in the media and communications industry with over 30 years experience working for international agencies, NGOs' and various governments in Europe, and the Middle East. His experience worldwide helped him delivering results driven corporate communications for a broad range of clients, organisations and sectors.

His deep understanding and long-term acquaintance with the management transition and economic strategic issues come as a manifestation of his long exposure to the industry throughout his long career, during which he particularly had a special focus on projects management in the Arab World.


A think tank has significant influence on government, business, and other spheres of human affairs. ICSANA is an independent, non-interest- based organizations that principally rely on expertise and ideas to support and influence the decision-making process. ICSANA can put its services to good use in charting the path forward by helping leaders in navigating the roadmap towards the future through informed decision-making, In the process, leaders are enabled to launch new programs and projects that are relevant to a new political, economic, and socialcontext, and to reshape the development agenda to further accommodate the needs and challenges of Arab countries and the world

ICSANA’s strategy brings under one roof the right players, actors, and scenarios to support institutions and enable decision-makers to produce positive outcomes This puts the company in the right competitive position to serve its community of partners. Moreover, the approach adopted by ICSANA places it in a most favorable setting to create and deliver optimal value for public, business and social stakeholders. The work delivered by the company is consistently molded by clear result- based processes, starting from the conception of new knowledge to the delivery of intellectual solutions.

Vision, Mission, and Strategy


ICSANA (International Center for Strategic Analysis) prides itself in bringing together a collaborative team of senior consultants, advisers, researchers and specialists who actively reflect the broad spectrum of global expertise and project the vision of ICSANA as industry leader in knowledge management consultancy and expert services provider of choice for strategic analysis, decision-making, research, and project development.

Towards this end, ICSANA offers tangible solutions, support institutions, and provide strategic tools to leaders and decision makers to ensure that proper attention is given to critical success factors in decision-making and excellent business performance. ICSANA endeavors to help clients adapt to the needs of the ever-changing economic, political, social, and technological environment by equipping them with the knowledge and tools to attain long-term niche functionality. This means eliminating challenges through requisite processes and technologies and working around clear processes.

The strategic role of ICSANA is shaped by the core belief that working in a consultative manner adds value. This arrangement creates a social learning space for evolving innovative end-to-end intellectual solutions that will equip clients to develop competitive advantage by increasing the learning curve of their organizations and enlarging their action space in the market. ICSANA espouses the core values of leadership, authority, service, integrity, efficiency, and quality excellence in the execution of strategy.


ICSANA (International Center for Strategic Analysis) adopts a process-based approach where profound knowledge of the latest industry trends and quality-driven models are matched with individual client needs. When supported with the appropriate capability building interventions, leaders and decision-makers can be empowered to overcome the challenges and risks in the administrative setting, corporate world, and global marketplace.


AMMC is as sister company of ICSANA that espouses the philosophy of applying thought to create value for clients. AMMC focuses on the growth of clients through the 3D ideology which stand for derive, deliver, and define. AMMC derives by probing deep into the lacunae and gaps that are counterproductive to growth to draw out critical issues. AMMC delivers by building in structures and capacities that would address and resolve these criticalities. Finally, AMMC defines by supporting the process through a dynamic system of institution building that is characterized by the pro-active engagements of people, technology, and market.

At best, AMMC helps build structures, capacities, and institutions. AMMC helps clients build the structures of their enterprises by means of business development strategies matched with the latest technology and innovation. This initiative is supported by building human capacity through training that covers a broad range of subject matter designed around clients' needs. Finally, AMMC engages in institution building through its management and IT consulting services.

AMMC along with ICSANA forms an integrated system where the realm of delivering physical and technological solutions is relegated to AMMC and the realm of evolving intellectual solutions is reserved for ICSANA. The delivery models of both ICSANA and AMMC are structured around customer needs and flawless execution that guarantee tangible results. The process-based approach of ICSANA-AMMC is designed to address today's dynamic business and decision-making needs from an insightful know-how, technology, and innovation perspective thus, offering the best intellectual, technological, and physical solutions. By creating knowledge and building structures, capabilities, and institutions, ICSANA-AMMC contributes to the edification of the monument of the knowledge and innovation-driven society.