Towards a Strategy in Building the Knowledge Society in the UAE


Most of the reforms and initiatives in the UAE today are done with the underlying theme of building the Knowledge Society. Two important documents have given impetus to this direction: the Arab Knowledge Report of 2009 and that of 2010/2011. The Arab Knowledge Report 2009, Towards Productive Intercommunication for knowledge, showcased the deficits and gaps in the Arab scene and proposed ways to address these gaps. The report has identified the demand for a comprehensive perspective on the knowledge society and also sketched the essential requirements for integration with the knowledge society, namely, human and material resources, working tools, and horizons of which to aspire.

The Arab Knowledge Report 2010/2011, Preparing Future Generations for the Knowledge Society, sheds light on one of the most important recommendations of the previous Report by addressing the issue of preparing future generations for the knowledge society which is considered the cornerstone for building a sustainable human development. The Report provides practical solutions that can guide Arab countries in bridging the ”cognitive gap” that was highlighted in the first report. The report focused on education as the core of reform in any society that aspires to acquire knowledge.

This report looks into the UAE in relation to the state of the knowledge economy and analyzes the strategic thrusts of the country in addressing the knowledge gap based on the knowledge economy index.

I. Introduction
II. The UAE and the State of the Knowledge Economy
III. An Assessment of the UAE Strategic Thrusts
IV. Analysis
V. Conclusion

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